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Expo Protection
Expo Protection
Expo Protection is to be held in Paris France on September 06th to 08th, 20...
SAFETY&HEALTH Expo is to be held in UK on June 18th to 20th, 2019. Welcome ...
A+A Fair
A+A Fair
A+A Fair is to be held in Dusseldorf Germany on October 17th to 20th, 2017....
National Safety Council
National Safety...
National Safety Council is to be held in Houston America on October 21st to...
FISP is to be held in Sao Paulo Brazil on October 5th to 7th, 2016. Welcome...
Hand Protection Selection
Hand Protection Selection 2016-08-18
When selecting a glove for a particularstuation it is often necessary to come to a compromise. The thickest glove may offer the best protection, but the subsecluentloss of feel and dexterity may make it dangerous to use.Gloves are made from many different materials. A summary ofthefeatures of glove materials appears on page four.
How to select the right Chemical Resistance Glove?
How to select the right Chemical Resistance Glove? 2016-08-18
As chenical handling sometimes involves serious health risks.it is vital that users know the hazards of the chemicals of interest and the performance of the protective glove to be used.The chemical protection guide below shows performance based on breakthrough time for a glove material vs.the chemical of interest.
Leather Gloves
Leather Gloves 2016-08-17
Leather is strong, supple and pliable. lt can also absorb moisture, which means that aleather glove never feels damp but is always dry and pleasant to wear All leather gloves from TS Safety are made from carefully selected and tanned hides to ensure maximum durability and suppleness. They also meet current CE standard regarding chromium conte...
Chemical Resistance Gloves
Chemical Resistance Gloves 2016-08-16
The TS Safety range of Chemical Resistance Gloves makes use of a1l protective materials for gloves currently available in the market. The summary below describes the various materials and their protective properties. This review, however gives only examples of the various barrier materials' resistance to some of the more common chemicals in use. M...
Cloth and textile gloves
Cloth and textile gloves 2016-08-10
Even if a cloth or textile glove is rarely exposed to the same tough demands as leather work gloves, the choice of material is often crucial to the wearer's safety and comfort.Cotton fabric gloves are often sufficient for lighter tasks.Canvas is closer grained, stronger and more water - resistant than traditional cotton fabric Suitable for more dem...
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